Benefits Of Masturbation

5 Benefits Of Masturbation During Pregnancy

HDid you know that Benefits Of Masturbation is beneficial during pregnancy? Gynecologists, obstetricians and sexologists agree that, in the case of an uncomplicated pregnancy, there are no contraindications to continuing your sex life and masturbation.

On the contrary: cuddles, caresses and sex help the woman to feel loved and strengthen the couple’s relationship.

Moreover, the fetus does not feel anything.

It is protected by the amniotic fluid inside the sac and the muscles in the uterine walls.

The vibrator does not reach the baby!

The mucus plug seals the uterus as a barrier that keeps out germs and microbes.

That’s why today I brought the 5 benefits of masturbation during pregnancy!

5 Benefits Of Masturbation During Pregnancy

1. Decreases stress

Pregnancy involves a lot of mental stress, and masturbation is associated with reduced levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) thanks to an increase in the level of hormones such as oxytocin.

2. Relieves colic 

Masturbation is indicated due to the analgesic properties of hormones released during orgasm. Therefore, pregnancy cramps can be relieved with the act. 

3. Helps you sleep

When you free your body and mind, your sleep quality benefits too. Both sex and masturbation cause muscle fatigue, due to the prolonged work of certain muscles.

This results in deep sleep, which is essential during this time. So, if you suffer from insomnia during pregnancy, masturbation or sexual activity can help alleviate the problem.

4. Improves mood

Endorphins, also known as happiness hormones, are released during cum. They help you feel more relaxed and fulfilled.

The feeling is similar to what you get after eating chocolate. So if you’re pregnant and have a bad mood, masturbating automatically improves your mood.

5. No danger of sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted infections or STIs are usually transmitted through sexual intercourse. These infections pose a potential threat to childbirth.

Masturbation during pregnancy, on the other hand, does not carry these risks. If you maintain proper hand and sex toy hygiene.

Final Considerations

Masturbation will always be beneficial and safe during pregnancy unless you are at risk. 

Masturbation is a way to feel good about yourself, take care of your pleasure, your femininity, and increase the degree of confidence you have with your body.

So connect with yourself, ALWAYS! Even (or especially) during pregnancy!

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5 Benefits Of Masturbation During Pregnancy

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